You may have a look at these sites. Informative, interesting and sometimes even funny stuff you should have seen. - OpenNap - The Open Source Napster Server (abandoned project). - OpenNap-NG - OpenNap successor - OpenNap-NG #2 - Another OpenNap successor - I honestly have no idea which, if any, of those projects is still in active development. - Lopster - Excellent GTK-based Napster client. - Debian GNU/Linux - Free (in the GNUish sense of course) Linux distribution, developed by a bunch of voluntary programmers from around the globe. - Ubuntu Linux. Very promissing Linux distribution based on Debian. Always quite up-to-date due to a constant release cycle of six months. - H07 - German Unix/Linux development team. - Electronic Frontier Foundation - The "freedom fighters"(!). Non-profit group protecting your digital rights. - Operation Clambake - Fight against the "church" of Scientology on the net. - The Principia Discordia - The one and only true bible. All Hail Eris! Hallelujah! - Yigg - German - Lotsa interesting news. [German] - The Pigdog journal - Another news site. :) - Excellent German <-> English dictionary. - KiEw - Industrial madness from Northern Germany. Play excellent concerts. - ampedOut - Streaming Internet Radio station playing EBM, Industrial, Goth, Ambient and all kinds of noisy stuff. - Ant-Zen - Record Label producing lots of great Industrial and stuff. - Galakthorrö - Home of Haus Arafna and friends. Industrial like it should be. - Ad Noiseam - Yet another great record label for Industrial, Noise, Ambient and Experimental music. - Discogs - Great database of all kinds of electronic music. - Another great database of Gothic/Industrial/Ambient/Whatever music. - Very interesting website about german highways with lots of information about their history, the present and planned roads and abandonned projects. - Ben Lovejoys website about the "greatest & most challenging race circuit in the world". A must-read for everyone planning to go there. Please read the safety advices and keep in mind that much better drivers than you and me died there. - Probably the funniest British website ever created. Ring-related. - Capture of the Nuerburgring webcam (the last 60 minutes are archived) by VLN/24h-racing driver Julian Perry - Discussion board about Nuerburgring-related topics (especially the public driving sessions) including a section where photographers usually post their pics from the Ring. [German] - Wikitravel - free, complete, up-to-date, and reliable world-wide travel guide - Kinda like Wikipedia for travelling be continued.