SkandALFAhrt 2006

The 'Skandinavien-Alfa-Fahrt' experience 2006

July/August 2006
Germany-Denmark-Norway-The North Cape-Finland-Sweden-Denmark-Germany
7.998 km!
3 weeks
1 Alfa Romeo 147

What an awesome trip it was!

Awesome driving, awesome weather, awesome people!

I took a 400 pictures and, as they are supposed to document my journey and not be some kind of art, I did put them ALL on the web, being good quality or not. Writing a comment on every pic takes quite some time. So please gimme some weeks months for that.
Here are the pics and my report:

Trip report

Some impressions:

So, what's next? Let's see... I've been to the northernmost point of Europe.
The South... Gibraltar? Nah, don't think the Spanish South is all that interesting. Sicily? Well, I already know Switzerland and a good part of Italy, so there wouldn't be that much new to see.
The West?... Ireland? Probably worth a visit. But I'd have to cross England. *shudders*
So, The East!... Vladivostok here I come. The Paris - Beijing Rally is only for oldtimers, right?!

My route